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Packaging prospects!  In the second half of the paper packaging market demand heating up  

Packaging and printing industry is a huge industry system, but also a long history of the industry system.  Packaging printing technology on the step by step into production, life, and step by step growth, development, the formation of a whole large industry. 

Industry news

China's packaging and printing market will continue to grow steadily, the scale of packaging and printing market demand is expected to break through 1 trillion US dollars, the average annual growth rate of the packaging industry will reach about 4%.  China has become the world's largest packaging and printing consumer market and packaging products producer.  

Last year paper paper packaging industry market concentration, the whole industry into the competition and relatively stable situation, accompanied by brand consumption industry and the trend of consumption upgrade, the improvement of people's living standards, the display and sale of consumer goods packaging miniaturization, environmental performance improvement;  Storage and transportation packaging increases with the penetration rate of e-commerce.  

the new wave of new consumption multi-cultural world metropolis need international packaging products, high quality gifts, luxury goods, cosmetics, high-grade wine, handicrafts, stationery and other special paper boxes, cartons, paper bags,  Wrapping paper and other latest products.  Consumer industry and consumer demand for product packaging is also rising.  Experts said that combined with the cyclical characteristics of the paper packaging market, and the current macroeconomic outlook continues to improve, the paper packaging industry is still in a stable growth period, optimistic about the industry chain, the whole paper market in the second half of the year will appear demand heating up again.  

Green, low carbon, environmental protection "is the future packaging industry development spindle.The global packaging market is expected to grow from $917 billion in 2019 to $1.05 trillion by 2024, according to data from the printing and packaging industry.

Post time: Jun-03-2019