Low carbon environmental protection starts from paper


According to the China Paper Association, China's paper and paperboard production reached 112.6 million tons in 2020, up 4.6 percent from 2019; consumption was 11.827 million tons, 10.49 percent increased from 2019. Production and sales volume are basically in balance. The average annual growth rate of paper and cardboard production is 1.41% from 2011 to 2020, at the same time, the average annual growth rate of consumption is 2.17%.

Recycled paper is mainly made of trees and other plants as raw materials, through more than ten processes such as pulp bleaching and high temperature water drying.

The environmental hazards we face


01  The forest resources are being destroyed

Forests are the lungs of the earth. According to the data of Baidu Baike (Wikipedia in China), nowadays on our planet earth, our green barrier - forest, is disappearing at an average rate of about 4,000 square kilometers per year. Due to excessive reclamation and unreasonable development in history, the forest area of the earth has been reduced by half. The desertification area has already accounted for 40% of the Earth's land area, but it is still increasing at a rate of 60,000 square kilometers per year.
If forests are reduced, the ability of climate regulation will be weakened, which will lead to the intensification of the greenhouse effect. The loss of forests means the loss of environment for living, as well as the loss of biodiversity; The decrease of forest leads the destruction of water conservation function, which will result in soil erosion and soil desertification.

02  Environmental impact of carbon emissions


Carbon dioxide contributes 60% to the greenhouse effect.

If we do not take effective measures to control carbon dioxide emissions, it’s predicted, that in the next 100 years, the global 

temperature will rise by 1.4 ~ 5.8℃, and the sea level will continue to rise by 88cm. Greenhouse gas emissions are causing global average temperatures to rise, leading to melting ice caps, extreme weather, droughts and sea levels rising, with global impacts that will endanger not only human life and well-being but the whole world of every living creatures on this planet. An estimated five million people die each year from air pollution, famine and disease caused by climate change and excessive carbon emissions.
Low-carbon & environmentally-friendly start with paper


According to the calculations from Greenpeace, using 1 ton of 100% recycled paper can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 11.37 tons compared with using 1 ton of whole wood pulp paper, 

providing the Earth's environment better protection. Recycling 1 ton of waste paper can produce 800 kilograms of recycled paper, which can avoid 17 trees being cut down, save more than half of the paper raw materials, reduce 35% of water pollution.

Impression Environmental/Art Paper


Impression Green Series is a combination of environmental protection, art and practical FSC art paper, completely environment protecting as its concept, born for environmental protection.


01  The paper is made of recycled fiber after consumption, which have passed the FSC certification of 100% RECYCLE and 40% PCW, after chlorine free dyeing, 
it can be recycled and degraded, embodies the concept of environmental protection in all aspects.

02  Pulp after processing shows soft whiteness, slightly natural impurities; the formation of a unique artistic effect demonstrates good printing effect, high color restoration.

03  Processing technology
Printing, partly gold/sliver foil, embossing, gravure printing, die cutting, beer box, pasting, etc

Product usage
High-ended art album, organization brochure, brand album, photography album, real estate promotion album, material/clothing tags, luggage tags, high-grade business cards, art envelopes, greeting cards, invitation cards, etc.

Post time: Jan-03-2023