Packaging Box Printing

I. Packing box  materials:

Packaging box printing


C1S,Coated one side art paper is also called single coated art board. This paper is smooth on one side, rough on the other, it can only be printed on the gloss side but the matte side. It can be printed in a variety of colors, no color restrictions.

2. Box cover paper commonly used are:

Gray coated paper, white coated paper, single coated paper, gorgeous card, gold card, platinum card, silver card, laser card and so on.

3.  Specialty paper:

Specialty paper is a kind of paper with special use and small yield, usually with a very high ton price. Dior’s paper bags usually use Lychee grain specialty paper to make for its elegant appearance, also some high end luxuries prefer this type of paper with similar texture in different colors.

4.Different styles

According to the characteristics of the product, choose the material of the box, and combine the design of the box pattern with the corporate culture and packaging materials. Therefore, the choice of packaging box material is also very important, and silver cardboard is very few suitable packaging materials for various products.

II. Why Choose Silver Cardboard:  

 Silver board is originally a kind of coated paper, it is nearly impossible to print bright colors on the surface of this matte paper for its featuring also as specialty paper. It emphasizes the beauty of understated elegance. Many manufacturers now use silver cardboard as the packaging for high-end products in consequences.

III. Special-shaped Packaging Box :  

The shape of the general special-shaped packing box is triangle, pentagon, diamond, hexagon, octagon, trapezoid, cylinder, semicircle and so on. The book form is a book shape box. Its novel and beautiful appearance has led to its frequent use as a result of gift boxes


Post time: Nov-22-2022