Why are kraft paper bags so popular?

Before this, the most widely used is plastic bags. Compared with plastic bags, kraft paper bags have many advantages, first and foremost is environmental protection.

In recent years, plastic bags because of the difficulty of degradation and caused by "white pollution", and was reduced production use. Take over the kraft paper bags, as the name suggests, is made of wood pulp, can be 100% recycled, even if it is discarded, it can also be degraded, perfectly circumvented the biggest problem of plastic bags. In the production process, the trees needed for wood pulp, is also under scientific management standardized adoption, to avoid the phenomenon of indiscriminate felling; at the same time, the pulp manufacturing of wastewater generated by the technology to reduce, according to the provisions of reasonable discharge. Such relative to plastic bags, the production process in environmental protection accounted for a clear advantage, attracting many of the "environmental protection" concept as part of the corporate culture of the business, and therefore has been promoted in large numbers.

In terms of practicality, kraft paper bags can meet many different needs. First of all, compared to ordinary paper, it is thicker and has a higher weight-bearing capacity, so it is often used as the outermost layer of packaging folding paper bags. Secondly, kraft paper bags are more resistant to dirt and water, if a film is laminated on the inside, but also resistant to oil, direct contact with food packaging, but also able to be put into the refrigerator to freeze. Finally, kraft paper bags have a very strong plasticity. Different from the easy breakage of paper, kraft paper is a major feature is resistant to folding, can be folded into a variety of shapes and will not break the hole. Therefore, there are many tutorials on the Internet with kraft paper for storage, which can be seen in its diverse uses.

In terms of aesthetics, kraft paper also has its own path. Even if what pattern is not printed, kraft paper bags also comes with the attributes of simple style. The original wood tones are not too monotonous, but also not overwhelming, just the right amount of packaging for the goods. Can also be based on the needs of the business, printed with patterns, logos, in the appearance of almost no thunder point. More unexpectedly, because the kraft paper is resistant to folding, its crease pattern by many artists, is used in many creative and design.


Unknowingly, kraft paper bags have replaced plastic bags in many ways, becoming the most common member of our lives. With the development of technology, perhaps one day, there will be a more suitable for our needs of new products, the same quietly replace today's hot kraft paper bags, to better enhance our feelings of use.

Post time: Nov-17-2022