Packing material – corrugated carton

There are many kinds of packaging materials, there is no best, only the most suitable. Among them, corrugated packaging box is one of the most selected materials. Due to the special structure of corrugated paper, light and firm packaging scheme can be formed.

What is corrugated material?

Corrugated board, also known as corrugated fiber board, is made of lightweight extended fibers, which can be obtained from raw fibers or used corrugated board and other materials.

Corrugated cardboard is a structure formed from one or more corrugated elements (called "base paper" or "corrugates") that are attached to one or more sheets of "cardboard" by an adhesive applied to the top of the corrugates.

The number of face paper and core paper of corrugated board determines the category: single side corrugated, single layer corrugated, double layer corrugated, three layer corrugated and so on. According to the ripple is divided into: A,B,C,E,F corrugated. These corrugations are named according to the size, height and number of ripples.

Single layer corrugated is usually used in A, B, C corrugated, BC corrugated is one of the most common double corrugated board. Three layers of corrugations, with ACC corrugations, ABA corrugations and other classifications, are commonly used for heavy product packaging, depending on manufacturer and location.

Corrugated packaging can come in different styles, shapes and sizes depending on the application. International organizations, such as FEFCO in Europe, have standardized corrugated paper structures.


Different types of cardboard

Although many corrugated boxes look the same, they are made of different types of materials, which can have a significant impact on their characteristics and packaging performance. Several forms of cardboard are as follows:

Kraft paper board

Kraft paper boards contain at least 70-80% of the original chemical pulp fibers. They are considered the highest grade materials, very hard and strong, with a smooth surface. Many kraft paper boards are made from softwood pulp, while some are made from birch and other harder wood pulp. Kraft paper boards can be divided into several subcategories according to their color:

The natural brown color of brown kraft paper plates will vary, depending on the fiber, pulping process, and plant location.

White kraft paper is very strong and reasonably priced.

Grey kraft paper board, also known as oyster paper board, is similar to white kraft paper board, but has a variegated appearance.

Bleached kraft paper boards look natural, but go through an additional bleaching stage. They're not as strong as unbleached craft paper.

Birch veneer kraft paper is made of a material similar to white veneer kraft paper, but with a bleached surface. This reduces the overall environmental impact of cardboard.

Imitation cow card board

The strength of imitation bovine card board is not as high as that of kraft paper board, because the former has a higher content of recycled fiber. It is important to note that brown bovine imitation cardboard can be divided into different categories, although these will often vary by country and region.

Ordinary cardboard

Ordinary cardboard is not as common as kraft paper or brown imitation bovine cardstock. They are mostly made from uncontrolled recycled materials, which means they are not of high quality and do not provide the same performance as other types of cardboard. There are three types of ordinary cardboard:

Bleached cardboard, usually white.

White cardboard, using laminated bleached cardboard, looks similar to bleached cardboard, although it is cheaper.

Grey cardboard, usually used only as core paper.

 There are other factors to consider. For example, corrugated packaging can consist of single, double or three layers. The more layers, the stronger and more durable the package will be, but it is usually more expensive.

Kraft Paper Big Size For Packa1
Kraft Paper Big Size For Packa3

What should we consider when choosing corrugated packaging?

In many cases, corrugated packaging is indeed the ideal package. First, because it is 100% recyclable, it is a good choice for environmentally conscious companies, especially as sustainability is becoming increasingly important to more and more businesses.

Corrugated packaging also has the characteristics of customization. You can change the type of cardboard, the adhesive used and the size of the corrugator. For example, corrugated packaging may have a flame retardant layer added to it for use when transporting flammable or moisture-resistant materials that are exposed to high humidity or wide temperature variations.

This kind of packing is very strong for its weight and can protect fragile items during transportation. Products are packed between layers of corrugated paper that are strong enough to withstand a lot of pressure or vibration. These packing cases can prevent products from slipping and can withstand high vibration.

Finally, the material is very cost effective. It is one of the cheapest options available and, as such, is a good choice for those seeking to reduce packaging costs without compromising product protection.

Post time: Oct-20-2022