How to Make a Kraft Paper Bag?

Kraft paper bags are very environmentally friendly, especially in European countries than in my country. Although they are not widely used in my country, I believe that with the promotion, more and more people will understand and use kraft paper bags. There are several ways to make kraft paper bags.

1. Small white kraft paper bags. Generally, this kind of bag is large in quantity and widely used. Because many businesses require this kind of kraft paper bag to be cheap and durable, usually the method of this kind of kraft paper bag is machine-shaped and machine-sticked. machine operated.


2. The practice of medium-sized kraft paper bags, under normal circumstances, medium-sized kraft paper bags are made of kraft paper bags made by machines and then manually pasted with ropes. Because the current domestic kraft paper bag forming equipment is limited by the molding size, and kraft paper The bag sticking machine can only stick the rope of smaller tote bags, so the practice of kraft paper bags is limited by the machine. Many bags cannot be produced by the machine alone.


3. Large bags, reverse kraft paper bags, thicker yellow kraft paper bags, these kraft paper bags must be made by hand. At present, there is no machine in China that can solve the forming of these kraft paper bags, so they can only be made by hand. The production cost of kraft paper bags is high, and the quantity is not large.


4. No matter what kind of kraft paper bag above, if the quantity is not large enough, it is generally made by hand, because the loss of machine-made kraft paper bag is large, and there is no way to solve the practice of small quantity of kraft paper bag.

Post time: Sep-17-2022