Kraft paper bags – to promote the inevitable trend of environmental protection

"Kraft paper bags" is a kind of composite material processing and production of the bag. Due to the production of kraft paper bags material has non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly characteristics, so "kraft paper bags" to meet people's green consumption at the same time deservedly become an internationally recognized environmental protection supplies. In major shopping malls and supermarkets at home and abroad, "kraft paper bags" can be seen everywhere, he is like a small warrior, accompanied in our daily life, to help us share the load of life.

The number of people's shopping can only be limited to the number of items that can be carried with both hands of traditional thinking, because the emergence of kraft paper composite bags were broken, so that many consumers are no longer worried about buying things can not take and spoil the mood of shopping. If the birth of kraft paper composite bags to promote the development of the entire retail industry, perhaps some exaggeration, but at the very least it reveals a phenomenon to the business, that is, before the customer shopping experience becomes the maximum degree of ease, convenience, comfort, simply can not predict how much consumers will buy things. It was this that drew attention to the consumer shopping experience and drove the development of shopping carts and shopping baskets in supermarkets.

In the following half century, the development of kraft paper shopping bags can be described as smooth, the improvement of the quality of the material so that it is constantly enhanced load-bearing capacity, the appearance of more and more good-looking, the production of business will also be a variety of trademarks, beautiful patterns printed on the paper bag, into the commercial street stores. Until the mid-twentieth century, the emergence of plastic shopping bags have become a large reform in the history of shopping bags. Plastic shopping bags with its low price, solid quality, thin and light advantages so that the once infinite scenery of kraft paper composite bags overshadowed. Since then, plastic bags have become the first choice of people's lives, cattle belts gradually "relegated to the second line". Finally, kraft paper bags can only be used in the name of "environmental protection", "natural", "nostalgia" in a relatively small number of books, clothing, audio and video products in the wrapping paper.

Later, as the trend against the use of plastic bags prevailed in the world, environmentalists have turned their attention to the old kraft paper bags. McDonald's in China, the company also began in 2006, gradually to all stores to implement kraft paper bags to hold take-out food, to replace the use of plastic bags. This initiative has been a positive response from other businesses, have begun to use kraft paper composite bags to replace plastic shopping bags.

Post time: Nov-17-2022