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The compressive strength of corrugated carton is one of the important technical indicators of corrugated carton design and processing, and also the most important technical indicators of physical and mechanical properties of corrugated carton performance evaluation, which directly affects the effectiveness of the protection of inner packaged goods in the process of transportation and circulation.

The compressive strength of corrugated boxes mainly depends on the raw materials, processing technology, design technology and circulation environment.

Base paper influence
The raw and auxiliary materials of corrugated boxes are the most important factors to determine the compressive strength of corrugated boxes, mainly including: base paper, adhesive and cardboard surface processing technology. Among them, the comprehensive ring pressure strength of box board paper and corrugated base paper directly determines the edge pressure strength of corrugated board, and the edge pressure strength of cardboard also determines the compressive strength of corrugated carton. The ring pressure strength of base paper is related to the gram weight, moisture content, tightness, stiffness and other properties of cardboard.

Adhesives and bonding effects
The compressive strength of carton is not only dependent on the comprehensive ring compressive strength of cardboard, but also related to the bonding effect of corrugated cardboard. The bonding effect is not only the bonding strength. It is generally believed that the greater the bonding strength, the better the bonding strength, in the case of no obvious deformation of corrugated shape. The adhesive directly determines the adhesive effect of cardboard, the quality of the adhesive effect directly affects the edge pressure of cardboard, and the adhesive performance also affects the moisture return and moisture absorption of cardboard.

Corrugated type and shape influences
Different corrugated types and shapes also have a great influence on the edge pressure strength of the formed cardboard, which is mainly caused by the different thickness and force surface of the support body after different corrugated forming. The higher the corrugated board of the same material is, the higher the edge pressure of the cardboard is, the larger the edge pressure of the cardboard is.

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Environmental influence of carton in stacking, storage and circulation process
Carton circulation, stacking, storage in different environments, will be affected by time, temperature, moisture, resulting in a decrease in strength. It is generally believed that the effective warranty time of the finished corrugated box is half a year, of course, after half a year, the function of its packaging still exists, but the strength and performance will have a significant decline, and even there is poor adhesion and mildew. The storage environment also has an obvious impact on the performance of cartons. The higher the ambient temperature, humidity and water content of cartons, the lower the strength of cartons. Secondly, the stacking mode of the product will also have an impact on the strength of the carton, which requires our design, processing and circulation management personnel to strengthen management and control.

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